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Friday, May 13, 2016

When you found out your partner might be having an affair....

Hi, my name is Alice. I was happily married and been blessed with a baby boy now.

You know, when it comes to marriage and family, well, things changed. Change for better? Well, yes, you can spend more time with your cute little one. But then again, you gonna miss your single life, like partying, going out with your girl friends, doing crazy stuff.

No no, now that you are a mama and a responsible wife, you might spending the rest of your life repeated the daily routine everyday.

So, what's about the relationship with your husband? All goes well? You two might have less intimate or sex, given that most of the babies will prefer to sleep with you two at the early age.

You might not even spend much romantic time, or spend on lavish dinner. Probably you have the same feelings like me, lazy for make up or to wear even nicer, since most of the time your baby will be pulling your hair or pulling your dress, not to mention high heels to chase your children around!

And then, just out of curiosity, you can sense something gone wrong. Husband seems to check on the phone, gluing to it, and telling you some pretty girls when he is drunk. Asking if he still loves me, he replies: "Well, maybe a bit." sounds like a joke, and woman has this sixth sense telling you this is not right.

Can't hide the feelings, and out of no choice, I got to check on his phone. Shocking! seeing his intimate conversation with other girls, some sex joke, porn joke!

What did he says when I confront him?


Huh? What is this? What kind of answer am I getting? How can I forgive him with such answer?

I was so mad, I couldn't sleep for days and nights, couldn't believe it happened to me.

So, long gone, the trusts.

I was so mad, I even spread it in Facebook, showing those naughty conversation. Of course, some stopped me from doing it, as it will spoil my reputation, so does my husband. Some saying I am naive, some just comfort me, meet me to know what's going on. I was so pissed off, but then again I was lost.

So what does the husband will do to save the relationship? Try not to contact you when the wife is mad. Huh? And then, try to communicate with you as if NOTHING HAPPENED. Huh? 

And after willing to meet the husband, he said the same stupid thing. It's only for fun. just a joke, nothing really happened.

Make me feel so heart broken and disgusted with such act.

Lost. Who to turned to? I ended up calling up a divorced lady friend who has encountered similar experience. She is more senior than me, and she asked me one simple question: "Is this guy worth to stay in your life? Is he a good husband?" 

"Yes, he is." 

"Okay, good. re-council with him, talk things through. But, from now on, my girl, always learn to 

protect yourself, protect your rights, your property, learn how to love yourself, dress up nice, make up pretty, enjoy life. Always remember this."

And then, I realized. Alright, I will calm down,  meet husband up and see what he says.

Of course, he denies everything and says he doesn't mean it. He just do something stupid because he was so stressed with work and feel bored.

Well, whether he did the adultery or not, only god and he himself knows. And yes, true enough, it is pointless to pinpointing the issue when such mistakes just happened.

and one more thing, as long as your partner really regret on what he/ she had done, forgive him/ her and move on.

Well, can I still trust my partner? 100% NO.

But, it is pointless as well to keep on do stalking or checking on your partner. It would be waste of time, and there's no respect on own privacy.


Never ever submit your resignation letter when the company asks you to leave

Hi, my name is Cheryl. And boy, was I mad when I am sharing this story. I went for an interview as a PA, and I was offered the job immediately, and I start my work next month.

So there I was. Trying to adapt into the new working environment, and hoping this is where I can improve my skills, and getting more experiences and capable to handle more tasks.

After 2 months time, I was doing other different things aside from being a PA. I told myself "Well, no harm learning for more, right?"

But the boss was unhappy, and when I questioned asking why, there's no specific reason, just an answer of NO judging from her own feeling.

Crap, I will just move on. And then, I got to know that the company was owned by my lady boss, and there are some investors who back her up, by paying off the staff's salary.

Until one day, the investors just changed their mind, and pulled out from her agency, making her so panic to pay off our salary.

I can see that the lady boss was so worried and frustrated everyday, figuring out ways to get new business while sustaining the office expenses and the staff's salary. I feel pity for her suddenly. I do not why did the investors just pulled out from her business suddenly.

Five months staying in the company, we have this senior account manager Ms K, who is nonetheless nasty, bitchy, and hateful. She always complaint that the accounts from the group and the companies are so messed up. And you can hear how she tried to complaint how expensive having meals in shopping centre, yet lazy or telling us she has no time to cook and pack food to work. Well, this is the life of an accountant.

And this was shocking, when my lady boss went to overseas for some business meeting, the previous investors just come back, telling all of us to signed new employment letter to be under them. some of us refused to do so, yet some will just go along with it, as they are afraid that they might have offended the money investors.

When this is considered the whole new management taking over another company's of staff, hence, you will need to know whether that new company need your talents or not.

2 weeks later, that Ms K, the account manager called me through phone, as she doesn't want to have the conversation via Skype, text or email.

K:"Cheryl, as you know, the company is going through a new management group, and the upper management decided that they don't need you in future. I am sorry."

Sorry, what are you sorry for? Guts to call me and sound like she is pity for me!

"Okay, I get it. So what's next?"

"You would have to write in the resignation letter. and submit to me by today. You do not need to come to work by tomorrow."

"But, how could you just ask me to leave like that? I couldn't get a job immediately and I need income to sustain!"

"I have discussed with the directors, and probably we can offer to pay you another 2 weeks salary as compensation, is it alright?"

"Do I have any other choice?!"

I hung up the phone, still not knowing how evil she is. The next thing I do was email the resignation letter, packed my things and leave.

The next day, I have a thought and was wondering, why does the company really need my resignation letter? I went to ask around and feel so regret from doing so.

According to labor law, if the company ask you to leave without valid reason, you have the right to sue the company, or at least get back the compensation that you ought to have. Normally, the compensation rate will be depending on the period of notice when you decide to resign. For example, you need 2 months notice to resign, you can get 2 months of salary compensation if in such cases, the company ask you to leave without reason.

I was so devastated. I was naive to just comply to all the instructions as Ms K and the stupid directors said so.

But, shit happens, and so yeah. I want to share this story so that you all won't repeat the same mistake.
Remember, always check the labor law, or ask your friends around what to do, if you face the same situation. The company might have tricks not to pay you compensation!

and of course, the previous lady boss just move on and acts like they are still business partners, so called business in crime, or just another fake person look when it comes into business.



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